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Applications, Access Control Systems and Security Cameras

Enclave Services is much more than a physical access control company. While others are pushing expensive gadgets with little consideration to the environment they will be used in, Enclave is focused on making the most of your purchases. This often means merrying access control systems and security cameras together, allowing you to use the features the way you originally understood them to work.

Integrating complex pieces of hardware and software takes a diverse team of professionals. Professionals who come from varying disciplines in the security industry, spanning physical access control, surveillance camera, network access control, software programming, relay theory, wireless technologies, database management and network security.

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Mobile Applications

Sometimes it's an easy fix. Other times it's a larger undertaking. But at the end of the day, you get all of the power out of your investments. Enclave can talk about your challenges and look for already developed solutions to your problems. Maybe you just need a manufacturer who has a good mobile client for viewing live video. Or perhaps you want to receive surveillance camera notifications every time the loading dock door is opened.

Let us know what you are experiencing and we will look for ways to use the equipment you already have, merry it with some new technology, and GET-YOU-MOBILE.

custom applications
custom applications

Systems Integration

Cameras. Software. Access Control Boards. Readers. Databases. This is all supposed to work together, but how? A lot can be done using manufacturer provided tools; be it APIs, XML links, web services, physical contacts, triggers, export tables, etc. Let's just get it all tied together.

Over the last 10 years, our team has installed over 700 buiding access control and surveillance camera systems nationwide. None of them were done without tieing the physical access control system to the surveillance camera system. And none of them were installed without merrying the two databases together, allowing FULL VISIBILITY into the data. We have over 20 years of experience in integrating state of the art access control systems and software. Call us to talk about what you've got.

Web Enabled Programming

Enclave blends a unique mix of hardware and software services. But sometimes they all need to come together with a web front end. We understand that unique customer needs require an open approach, industry partnerships and seamless integration. We use every available tool to provide customers choices, with an assurance of quality and vendor cooperation. As a web applications provider specializing in custom web-enabled applications, your goals are our priority and your security is our responsibility.

Bring your challenges to the table and let us talk about what to do. At the end of the day, we will find a solution to help your business functions more smoothly, more safely and more intuitively. Let's hear it. Lets see what we can do.

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Database Extension

You'd be surprised what we can write to a database. I just wrote something to your database right now. Just kidding, but seriously. We can collect a lot of data from your security system. And we can look at it in a lot of different ways. This is key to maixizing your investment in your security system.

Let's let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. It's going to take some thought but when that's all done and documented, your going to be very happy with what your database can tell you.

Customized Solutions

You already know what you want. Please explain it to us. We once had a customer tell us they only wanted the splash pad in the children's play area to turn on for members of the fitness club. Done. Easy. All they had to do was explain it to us and let us look at what they had to work with. It was an easy addition to their card access system. All we did was open up a place in their web application to give this permission to a member. And voila, members could swipe their badges and kids could play in the splash pad.

Enclave tailors applications to your specifications, creating data forms and reports that present your business information in ways that are most useful to you. We study your processes, listen carefully to your ideas, then translate that knowledge into a highly automated system that streamlines daily tasks and improves your bottom line.

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